Minimize the energy costs and CO2 emissions of your customers' buildings


Benefits of Oxoia SOLUTION

We empower companies to deploy Oxoia's solution on their own behalf in their own customers' buildings. This opens up new advantages for the company and customers and creates significant added value.

Minimize your customers' energy costs in an efficient way

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve your internal processes and customer support

Create a strategic competitive advantage over competitors

Benefit from the advantages of digitization such as remote access at any time

Gain overview of the condition of the facilities and the use of your customers' buildings

How does it work?

Together we are strong

Presentation, pilot project together, educate employees, first level support.

Use cases

This is what your optimization suggestions for your building can look like

"In recent days, the room temperature of the rooms of the South heating group was at least 1.5°C above the setpoint for 90% of the time of day. Reduce the heating curve of daytime operation by 2°C."

The ventilation system "Hall B" was in operation last week for 20 hours without any use of space being detected. Please correct the operating time. Suggestion: Mon-Fri 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

"We have found that the heating group "ventilation" is in operation for 12 hours a day, but the ventilation is only possible during 4 hours. Please adjust the operating time of the ventilation heating group."



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