We are Oxoia


Our clear vision

We minimize the energy costs and CO2 emissions of buildings. By doing so, we help building owners, directly or indirectly with their partners, to reduce energy costs. 40% of total CO2 emissions come from buildings. By reducing CO2 emissions from buildings, Oxoia is therefore making an important and active contribution to protecting our environment. We are convinced that avoiding unnecessary energy consumption in buildings is an important element of the decarbonization of our planet.

For us, success means identifying, releasing and demonstrably reducing inefficient energy moments in buildings - understandably while maintaining the same quality of use. Our customers are assured that the settings of all systems in their building are optimally adjusted at all times, minimizing the building's energy demand. For our employees, we are committed to developing their individual potential, providing a work-life balance and consistent access to the latest knowledge. Ultimately, we ensure healthy corporate development, also in the interests of our investors.

We act carefully, keep an eye on the problems and needs of our customers, continuously improve our products and monitor business development. We stick to our agreements and deliver high-quality work.

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Our Talents

Our fantastic team

Stephan-Essi Fischer

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nitish Gautam

Head Digital Solution

Dr. Friedrich Hoepfner

Member of the Board of Directors

Joachim Pilarsky

Member of the Board of Directors

Simon Solenthaler

CTO & Member of the Board of Directors

Mehran Vageian

Head Data Science and Algorithms

Philipp von Schulthess

CEO & Member of the Board of Directors


We are hiring

Our Careers

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Recommend is worth it

Recommend us to others. Receive Fr. 200.- for each referred customer at the conclusion of the contract and the new customer 10% discount.


It's all about people