Our Partners for your best result

Take advantage of Weisskopf Partner's implementation expertise and the innovative Oxoia solution for more sustainable building management. Their expertise and our integrated technology aim to minimise the energy costs of your properties and promote environmental protection. With regular efficiency analyses and adapted energy reduction strategies, you receive complete solutions that are precisely tailored to your properties.

Discover Oxoia's Partnerships for Sustainable Building Solutions, Spie

Benefit from the expertise of SPIE Switzerland to reduce the energy consumption of your properties by implementing the measures identified with Oxoia technology. SPIE Switzerland supports you with extensive expertise in modern information and communication technology, multi-technology and integrated facility services to decarbonise your properties. SPIE accompanies you on your path of digital transformation towards a future with fewer emissions.

Discover Oxoia's Partnerships for Sustainable Building Solutions, LEDCity

The innovative lighting system from LEDCity and the intelligent HVAC energy minimisation solution from Oxoia communicate with each other. This means, for example, that information about the utilisation of rooms and zones is exchanged between the systems, allowing you as a building operator to benefit from maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. The cooperation emphasises the joint commitment to sustainability and energy saving by combining intelligent energy management with advanced lighting technology.

Discover Oxoia's Partnerships for Sustainable Building Solutions, akenza io

akenza and Oxoia combine the best of the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce the total energy demand of your property. akenza's comprehensive IoT platform enables efficient data exchange with the Oxoia solution, which efficiently and quickly reduces the carbon footprint of your buildings and gives you insight into all relevant data at all times.

Discover Oxoia's Partnerships for Sustainable Building Solutions, Norm

NORM determines the energy efficiency, CO2 emissions and refurbishment potential of your property. Measure the improvement in energy efficiency through implemented measures thanks to the use of Oxoia technology by means of a before-and-after analysis. The results can be provided as a digital NORM energy performance certificate or as a GEAK/GEAK Plus.