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Benefits of Oxoia RECOMMEND

Oxoia connects the various internal systems of your building, brings together all essential data, locates potential savings and transmits them to the building operator. This creates a wide range of added value.

Localization of savings potential based on data

Daily analysis and searching for savings potential

Individual recommendations of measurements for your building

Automated verification of the results of implemented measures

Overview of the operation of all systems and zones usages

Immediate notification in case of significant operational variations

Suitable for old and new buildings

API interfaces for data import and export

Monitoring of one or several buildings

Use Cases

Examples of problems Oxoia can solve

The ventilation system is in operation while there is no room use or pending. The ventilation system acts independently.

The building is heated while it is cooled at the same time. The operation of heating and ventilation/cooling is not coordinated.

Static thermostats set the energy consumption in rooms, but are often not matched with the effective room usage.

No connection and no consideration of the operation of smart thermostats in connection with ventilation and cooling.

An ideal TARGET temperature can be derived from the various dependencies.

Open window increases the energy consumption of a building and is a risk for break-in.

Outside regular hours, no person should be in the building or premises.

More examples on demand. We look forward to meeting you.


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