Let you minimize the energy consumption of your properties automated and without additional knowledge

The new standard

Reduce energy demand in the most effective way using AI plug-and-play software

Oxoia specializes in minimizing the energy costs and CO2 emissions of existing building technology. Based on data and hourly analysis with algorithms and artificial intelligence, our solution derives the ideal settings of all your equipment. We perform the most effective operational optimization for your building. You will not suffer any loss of quality. Our system can be easily connected to any equipment of a building and supplemented with additional sensors. This makes it possible to comprehensively monitor and analyze the operation of equipment.

Data and AI driven

What is our approach?

Connect systems

Our solution networks as many systems in your building as possible, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, IoT devices and web services. The data is transferred to a standardized database.

Find savings

Algorithms continuously search for inefficient operating moments and create a list of measures to release savings potential. Alternatively, our software controls the plants in real time in such a way that the overall energy demand is minimal.

Reduce energy costs

The measures are discussed and implemented with each other at regular intervals. Alternatively, our intelligent software controls the operating systems in real time. Even small savings are released and manual effort is eliminated.

Your benefits

No upfront or additional investment required

Reduce the energy demand of your building(s) with the help of an uncomplicated installation of Oxoia's solution and benefit from the first savings after a short time. No time or professional resources are required. The ROI is less than one year. The solution is suitable for any building type. Our team consists of experienced software and algorithm developers, building service engineers as well as proven experts in energy consulting.

Building types

Fits to all your building types

Have the settings of the building technology controlled according to use and minimize the energy costs of all your properties such as office building, commercial building, administrative building, warehouse, shopping center, arena, restaurant, hotel, hospital, museum, historical building and many more.

Office buildings

Office building

Commercial buildings

Commercial building

Administrative building

Administrative building



Shopping centers

Shopping center

Stadiums and arenas










Minimize Energy Consumption for Municipalities, Cities, & Cantons

Historical building

Other buildings


Civil defense facilities

Civil defense facilities

Shooting ranges

Shooting ranges





Retirement and nursing homes

Retirement homes

Sport halls

Sport halls

Feedback from customers

Our customers trust us (excerpt)

Kaspar Blaser
Oxoia offers us uncomplicated plant operation, installation without great effort and competent support. Oxoia RECOMMEND allows us to monitor the condition of our equipment at any time and Oxoia AUTOMATE allows us to continuously save energy.
Kaspar Blaser
Leiter Technischer Unterhalt Schul- und Sportanlagen, Stadt Baden
Samir Sejdaj
Since the installation of Oxoia AUTOMATE, we have noticeably saved gas and the time required to operate the technical equipment has been greatly reduced.
Samir Sejdaj
Hauswart Turnhalle Aue, Stadt Baden
Martin Geiger
On the operator side, it is astonishing how quickly Oxoia was able to detect faults in the building technology via a simple data readout. It is even more astonishing how little effort the plant maintenance staff had to expend to achieve a cost-relevant optimization of consumption in the system.
Martin Geiger & Thomas Röhm
Leiter Abteilung Bau & Bereichsleiter Anlagen/Liegenschaften, Stadt Klingnau
Jürg Bläuer
Using Oxoia's innovative technology helps us to continuously improve the sustainability of our funds and reduce the annual recurring energy costs of the tenants and the funds.
Jürg Bläuer
Head Asset Management (Diversity), Swiss Prime Site Solutions


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