Oxoia reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions of Swiss Prime Site Solutions properties

Property at Grubenstrasse Swiss Prime Site Solutions

Sustainability strategy Swiss Prime Site Solutions

At Swiss Prime Site Solutions, the focus is on an innovative sustainability strategy that aims to integrate environmental, social and economical aspects and create long-term added value for all stakeholders. In particular, the company aims to

  • increase the energy efficiency of properties,
  • use renewable energies and
  • reduce CO2 emissions.

Innovative technologies will be used to optimize buildings and infrastructures and to minimize resource consumption.
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Pilot project with Oxoia

Swiss Prime Site Solutions decided on a pilot project with Oxoia. The innovative plug-and-play solution with AI software connects HVAC-systems, IoT devices and external web services with each other. It measures the usage of zones in the building, monitors the technical operation and derives the ideal settings for each system so that the overall energy demand is minimized.


The goal of the pilot was to minimize energy demand and CO2 emissions of the property “1A Lage an der A1” in Urtenen-Schönbühl and to evaluate new technologies that can be used in further future projects.


The building with approx. 20’000m2 usable space has a high technical complexity; about 1’000 data points are to be examined. In some cases, essential parameters such as CO2 values in zones are missing. Some energy optimization measures had already been implemented before the project started.


With Oxoia’s solution, important data was read from the control system and missing data was covered with wireless sensors. After the winter operation the following results could be shown by the intelligent software and experts of Oxoia:

  • 37 measures for the reduction of the energy demand localized and documented
  • 3 measures fully implemented / 13 measures in implementation / 21 measures open
    The savings potential released so far
  • amounts to CHF 24,000 for winter operation.

At the same time, the complete digitalization of the optimization process makes it easy to accompany and monitor the implementation of measures. This in turn shortens decision-making paths and saves time and costs in implementation.

Before optimization Since optimization Savings
Recooler operating time 1.4 h/day 0.9 h/day -36%
Chiller operating time 21 h/day 3.5 h/day -83%
Total ventilation operating time 304 h/day 231 h/day -24%
Other optimizations … h/day … h/day … h/day

Swiss Prime Site Solutions uses Oxoia’s innovative solution at further properties

Based on the successful results, Swiss Prime Site Solutions has decided to use Oxoia’s solution for further properties in its portfolio.

“Using Oxoia’s innovative technology helps us to continuously improve the sustainability of our funds and reduce the annual recurring energy costs of the tenants and the fund.”

Jürg Bläuer
Jürg Bläuer
Head Asset Management (Diversity), from Swiss Prime Site Solutions Solutions AG.

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