Announcing our collaboration with Mobimo Management AG

Together, we are relying on artificial intelligence and innovative building data management to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. In the coming months, we will digitise around two dozen of Mobimo’s existing properties and continuously optimise them using our innovative plug & play solution with AI software. In this way, CO2 emissions can be minimised overall – without compromising user comfort.

With this collaboration, we are making an important contribution to achieving climate targets and reducing operating costs. The measures to reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions will be prepared by our partner company Weisskopf Partner GmbH and discussed with Mobimo. Implementation is carried out by the facility management team of Mobimo Management AG. Weisskopf Partner also prepares a refurbishment strategy report and GEAK Plus certificate for each property.

We invite decision-makers to actively participate in the discussion on sustainable building management. Let’s shape the future together!